Prayer Petitions For August 7, 2019


Read: My Take on Being Pro-Life as a Filipino Catholic
This Post is about the fight against abortion. Here, I’m narrating about how I became Pro-Life, and why even I’m a Filipino, I care about the Pro-Life updates and issues in the United States, such as heartbeat bills and Heartbeat Law. I’m also talking about why you, too, must care. If you’re from the United States or whichever part of the world, I encourage you to read this. I assure you that you will learn much about what being ‘Pro-Life Catholic’ truly means.

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God aids and protects the people he has chosen for his inheritance. Let us give thanks to him and proclaim his goodness:
Lord, we trust in you.

We pray for our Pope, and for all our bishops,
— protect them and in your goodness make them holy.
Lord, we trust in you.

May the sick feel their companionship with the suffering Christ,
— and know that they will enjoy his eternal consolation.
Lord, we trust in you.

In your goodness have compassion on the homeless,
— help them to find proper housing.
Lord, we trust in you.

In your goodness give and preserve the fruits of the earth,
— so that each day there may be bread enough for all.
Lord, we trust in you.

Lord, you attend the dying with great mercy,
— grant them an eternal dwelling.
Lord, we trust in you.

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