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Pantheism is a grave error.  Its position is that Nature is literally God, though there are variations.  Nature and God being one thing;  Nature as a literal extension of God’s divine essence;  or that all natural things are divine beings.  It is at the very heart of the New World Order, and the vision of Modernism/Liberalism.  Overturning Tradition, doctrine, and dogma, to have a brave new, 21st century world where nations, peoples, races, and religions merge into one borg collective, making Mother Nature its supreme god.  Pardon my political incorrectness, goddess.

The Goddess Tree from the Movie Avatar

As readers of this blog know, though, I like to consider different opinions on a question, like flipping a coin over to read the other side.  Ever since I was a kid, in boy scouts, backpacking, fishing, spelunking, etc, I was raised to revere Nature.  Trash on the side of the road, or a loud, drunken camp of weekend urban campers, these kinds of things were seen as a sacrilege against something sacred.

The Outdoors.  God’s creation. Something of no value in comparison to God; but because God created it in His likeness, and man as its pinnacle in His image, then something very much connected to God’s essence.  

If God has divine attributes such as truth, beauty, and goodness, 
If Nature is made in His likeness,
Then syllogistic logic indicates that Nature is like the Divine.

It is Divine-like.

When I head out this morning on my Saturday morning hike out at Red Bud Valley park (a must visit during this Fall foliage), I will be contemplating God in his gloriously beautiful Creation.  After all, St. Thomas teaches that part of the way we come to know the Creator is to first know His Creation.


So, a friend challenged me to lose a lot of weight, to get in shape for a 5K St. Patrick’s Day race in mid March next year, buying me a myzone heart monitoring belt.  We’ll be speed hiking this morning.  Last week I did most days 20 mins of free weights, 30 mins of swimming, and then hit the hot tub to lower my cortisol levels.  Great way to end the work day.

Pray I really get in shape, plus that I can beat this friend at the 5K!

World of Work

The work place, like any other sphere of life, I must remind myself, is part of the larger sphere of modern society.  Helps to Venn diagram it.

The modern, secularist, materialist, ego-centered home/market place/entertainment milieu/thoroughfares, they all overlap, as they do with the workplace.  I have to remind myself that when the central commandments of our society are,

Though Shalt Worship Thyself
Though Shalt Have Absolute Freedom
Though Shalt Enjoy Sexual License
Though Shalt Dominate Others

You can’t expect civility, charity, and professionalism to be the status quo in the work place.

That said, especially for us men, is not to fight our pagan coworkers like brute beasts, but to be shining example of the Christian work ethic and Christian professionalism, whether you are a doctor, lawyer, physical therapist, salesman, x-ray tech, etc.


I took down his picture from my wall, and put up a nice painting of a town square in 19th century Paris.  Much more edifying and bright addition to our living room.  God have mercy on Francis.

Weekend Plans.

Wrapping up this blog post.  Then hiking at Red Bud, breakfast with said friend, laundry, we shop at the Tulsa Sears closeout sale, meet friends for a picnic at The Gathering Place, then its Date Night!

Tomorrow Mass, eat out, fly-fish at Pretty Water lake for trout in Sapulpa, make tortilla soup, and a fire.  

Have a great weekend!

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