A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Cardinal Burke, et al: it is Time to Call an Extraordinary Synod.


Smiling, laughing, pretending to deal with the current Crisis last Thursday in Rome.  This photo was released by the Vatican itself just days ago to visually represent their response to the Global Revelations of the last Two Weeks.

Take a moment and reflect on the significance of their smiles and laughter, the message it clearly is meant to convey.

A Crisis founded on heresy, formally promoted and protected by Francis-Bergoglio and his followers.

With absolutely NO acknowledgement that this Crisis is at the level of Rome and the Papacy itself.  Instead, like ecclesial bullies, they laugh at the true Church, projecting their shame downward on us.  A Synod in February, some investigations of American bishops, yada yada.  It is a joke, and they are playing the joke on us.

Francis last week condemns us righteously angry Catholics, who care both about the integrity of the Church and the children, as being possessed by demons.  That kind of narcissistic shaming over this dark situation goes beyond personality disorder, but right out of the firey pits of hell.

The popolatry must end.  The SSPX itself must set aside reconciling with this man, but once and for all lead the charge.  If Lefebvre were alive, he would be the strongest critic.

Francis will not resign.  He has no shame for his heretical, sacrilegeous, apostasy.  He and his Cabal hate the Church.  He and the St. Gallen Mafia and Co. have usurped the highest  positions of power, unleashing a new wave of Revolution that will likely dominate the next several pontificates, unless the universal Church acts NOW to stop it. 


They do not care about the children, the integrity of the priesthood or hierachical constitution of the Church, for the deposit of the Faith.

They are heretics destroying the Church.  And Francis and his Revolution will continue week after week until he dies.

The Lavendar Mafia, Clerical Sex Molester Cabals, and universal Cover-up will march on.

And our anger will rightfully keep manifesting.  True peace will require intervention by senior Cardinals and Bishops.  Until then, this Revolution will continue day after day indefinitely.

Meanwhile innocent sex slave children reside in dungeons underneath the mansions of Bishops.  Recent credible reports suggest even inside Vatican walls.

Proud, defiant, laughing at those with human and spiritual common sense.  Theirs is the laughter of demons.  If the secular world needed any proof of the supernatural battle of good vs. evil, look no further than this unquantifiable, inhumane, anti-human spiritual war waged within the Catholic Church.

It goes above and beyond crimes against humanity, child molestation, homosexuality, or even theological modernism.

The nature of this Rot is supernatural and demonic.

Yes, there should be a Synod, but called by Cardinal Burke and like-minded, faithful Cardinals, to once and for all condemn the false papacy of Francis, pray for him, call for his repentance or resignation, but then consider if a new pope can be elected.

Francis and his Supporters are in schism from the Church, from us tradition-observing, orthodox Catholics.

We the laity call upon the Cardinals and Bishops to remedy this Crisis now.  It is in their authority.  The Doctors of the Church have taught how they can deal with a heretical pope tearing down the Church.

We must face the moral certainty that Francis is a proud, formal heretic who hates the Church, that he is not the Vicar of Christ, but an anti-pope.

No more conferences, online discussions, letters to Rome, petty disputes at coffee and doughnuts.  

Cardinal Burke, et al, for the love of God, of all that is holy, and for the children, it is now time to organize Episcopal Resistance to Francis’ demonic papacy, and to consider electing a new pope from among the still faithful bishops.

Even if that new Pope is not a Traditionalist per se, it would be a major step towards restoring Tradition and the integrity of the Church.

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